Self-taught? Why not! How many teenegers are so lucky have a challenge going to school especially in the 3rd Countries, contemporary study is stated you can go to high school then you are very lucky. How about if you go to see in the other side of Africaans? Honestly we can speechless. They still need to increase their standard of living through the education.
Definition autodidact following Wiki:
"Autodidacticism (also called as autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, an autodidact is an individual who chooses the subject he or she will study, his or her studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. An autodidact may or may not have formal education, and his or her study may be either a complement or an alternative to it. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts."

WHY Autodidacticism IS COOL?

Because: Most genius people are doing to self taught theirself since they were childhood. And you know they are now change the world in recent scenes. You have electricity in your home rather than torch, the fact you are having automative rather than a horse, you can see in the sky the iron birds are flying over the horizon. It had been no present thousand years ago. It comes because of self learning by genius people had ever. And now you have gagdets, it is beautiful and excellent perfomance to play.

Every creatures are learn from others, from nature and their sorroundings. Even I am still a student I have an experience about this point of view. Let I say.

Teens whose learn hard for theirselves are extraordinary, these teens will found their identity theirselves. They have all capabilities to make a self taught by their natural inteligent. Yes they look cool, smart and look so mature than their real age because while ordinary numbers of teens are just playing for fun these extraordinary teens learn everything, they are so curious to everything, no wonder in the histrory the extraordinary people were begun from extraordinary teens. Most of them.
Signs teens are genius are can see from beginning of their life even they are still 10 to 16 years old they are look like:
  • Look smart or even look just an ordinary teen. But most they are so calm down. Sometimes people thought they are even not smart enough.
  • Curious, no spoiled. Look like an independent teen, can control their emotion.
  • They are even look more mature than their age.
  • Less sleeping, why this happen? Because they like read everythings, learn everything and try everything.
  • etc
Unfortunately, some of them are born among family that do not realize how they are having a genius boy or girl who possible change the world.Albert Einstein was a lucky teen because he had very good and clever mom who understood to support her son. There was bad time in his school for little Einstein at that time, his teacher thought Einstein was very stupid and they said they could not teach him anymore in the school.

His mom did not thougt the same and of course, she knew everything about her son, Einstein then learn maths and then the world know what he had done to change human being view about science and technology. He was a genius person the world had ever.

How to perform self thought?

There no formula in this personal blog because this is just a personal web, I am not a genuis girl but I have been tried hard to learn what I do not find in school. For example how to write an article, then I surf it in ethernet, in the website so many tips about it and various ways that can make you confuse. Just choose the easier one do not make you self to be so awkard. The most tips and articles are writing by it authors base in theirself experience. When you found that you think good one just try it. If you fail with it you can try another way. The stories of genius people are never lone with failure before they are success to make an invention.

I have my own way that I think so, but do not follow if you not comfortable with these:
  • When I decide to learn something without any human tutor I encourage myself to learn with my own methode for example when so many applications are offeringme how to learn English by quick I've try then I realize, the way have been with me is the best, I am not quit need the application. I just use the conventional Google English translation in my small iPhone screen, and feel comfort with it and feel that are enough. I ignore other method because I know once you change with another method, no matterwhat people said it is cool, you will need more time to adjust oneself into your system.
  • People said you must ask many people, yes I agree. Old times they did. I just learn and open google they said the do not agree. But I have my own opinion, Old times no facilities such like today. Google even have Deep mind machine today where it A.I. (Artificial Inteligent) does have very advancec capacity to give you more and more information that you need.
  • Even I do myself and believe my English isn't quite good, I have my own opinon: I must make an exercise to develop my understanding going through the languages, how to make good conversation with human, how to be a good listening and now I've tried to write some articles in English through my own blog. All are exercises and processing in my life and I do believe these all will very usefull for my next target to reach out the perfectness.
  • When people said "useless" I said "maybe not". You must be brave to opposite people around you even they are your relatives. Think again, they just telling you what they think good for themselves  and they think it will being good for you as well. But it is maybe not because everyone have their own dream to pursue why not you try your own? If you don't sure yourself just hear what they are telling you.
Do not worry with your dream
With an assumtion all people have their own dream but they have no courage even have "a dream to pursue". It why most they are ended as an ordinary person. Of course you have many reason to forget the failure.

Many people afraid with their own dream, why? It mirror from their parent stated: "You just dream, see the reality" what is different just a fantasy with your essential dream? Dream for some extraordinary teens is a power for their life. A dream will change the world overall. Alexander the Great have a dream and that dream was came true, Einstein was have dreams and that dreams were came true.  Great people have dream on their head.

Mostly why you fail going to go perform everything is because basically you are a person without any dream. So when you are going asleep think again what is my dream? And how to perform my planned to reach it out? honestly even as a girl I have a dream to a girl against the world.


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