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This new blog for test
There is no big deal even how hard I try to concealed and in the back door: We are fool when we think we has been done with the great thing and dream to enjoy it instantly. Or when we think we can hide everything forever and ever after.

Here I am sitting in the desk and my lovely cat sitting on it too and she close to my laptop licking her knee by itself. I've tried to write something and there no any kind inspiration comes even though I just done create new site called "KOTAK PANDORA" and hope I can write something by comfort. really feel like a shit when my mom called me for help her in the kitchen in this moment.

Lmao? I am gonna be it.

I am a girl and I am 16 years old a student degree 11. I am not the only one in this house, I have a young sister she is 2 classes under me. I study, yes I do but here still many spare times for playing and even for writing yes I do. So if it is bored for me time always divided to be three sessions but not really think so: The past, the recent and the future. It means, I've tried playing everything by rule in a whole my life.
  • The Past Time. It had been. Why everything in the past feel worn now: The music had been old, the life style was worn out. But nor, everything feel still left behind.
  • The recent time. I am sitting here with my cat unlock my screen and try to do something: check my homework, think about an examination from my class, writing and dreaming. Now my fingers is dancing. The result will be published in this new blog called Kotak Pandora as soon.
  • The future time where I hope my dream will coming true: So many thing will be reached out. That always spinned off  my head.
Well, so what the mission of this blog? I have no idea yet. I have planned telling so many secrets around us and pin it into the deep web through this blog so it why I put the tittle of pandora, and I added the subtittle: "always find out the ways" as well or possible will be changed with "find out the secret" I do not know. I need you friends. Sometimes we can't do everything alone. But I noted one thing: I do not want the past, and I will not going to the future ASAP, I am still in the recent time to prepare everything that I dream on.
Because life is too short and let here we go to try something an online business lucky if you can earn money from it as soon, if not just be patient. At least we are happy going through it, if  some where out there nothing just to do just do not hesitate to leave....

Thank you
Anissa Auliasari
Born in Riau Island. Love music, Social Media, watching youtube, reading, cooking cake. Now I am living in Bandar Lampung, Love HTML, Javascript, python and C++ Just only an ordinary ...


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  2. I like this blog. I like to read your English. Keep writing 😉

    1. Thank you, Ivlay
      Thank you Khairunnisa

    2. Thank you sis..Anissa has created all my blogger theme by premium 😎 thank you for trust me for collaborate. Blog just a hobby and for fun


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