use smartphones
use smartphones
when you confuse what shall be bought a laptop or a smartphone? Just consider the bugdet that you have for now, then I guess you will buying a phone, Am I right?  But why? Because with a smarthphone you can call your mom by dial her number, or you can texting your friends and send them some messages, so many fun in just one hand. Further more a phone does have networking capacity as laptop does have, so you can also chat with your friends through the internet.

Oh yes! I can't count how many times you can use it for get pictures with your friends and send them into social media like Facebook, IG, and GPlus? That are the ordinary people way to use their phones.

Why we call you are genius one is when you can use your smartphone more than a phone. You can use it for some productivity work such as: Blogging, support working, support learning, and for some excercises. When you so curious, here we go:

You can use your smartphone for blogging, some people called it as BLOG ON THE GO. But I would like to tell you in Indonesia many youngers are using their phone for blogging, they suppose to be no need a laptop or a PC for doing to do it. So it suppose to be more than BLOG ON THE GO because no hurry up or a business travelling during they are doing it. They do it because they have no laptop, it half no another choice for them.
If you think it is easy to texting or even to write an article with more than a thousand words then I agree with you, but they can do to edit and change a blog theme with their phones. And you must know that are not too expensive phones they have and of course just with standard features sometimes.

More than just to change any theme for blogging good looking, they can also to edit HTML for make any customize their blog! Do not open your mouth so wide to hear this, it is true.

With blogging some they can earn money by adsense or another business by online through their phones. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

What I found during with Indonesian friends were an awsome experience one. They were diligent, smart and kind.

Sometimes you will figure that they are working so hard and some of them put a part time work on their shoulder for help their parents for earn money. On their phone they have some productivity applications such as: Microsoft Office, so they can edit their work with Ms. Office on the go, at their home they can use Ms. Word for send their report by mobile etc. They send an email by some pictorial that shot by phone's camera for some business working related. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

Do you think it is an impossibel  to earn money by online? People said: Blogging provides an easy way to keep your costumers and clients up to date on what's going on, let them know about new deals. and provide tips. The more a customer comes to your blog, the more likely they are to spend money. And it is true.
You can do making an affiliation business for example, by selling stuffs from another and offering it from your site to your visitors, by that way you can earn money from them. 

Some Young people does not have PC or laptop but a smartphone is enough for them. Students are using it for support their study in the school. Recent time an Indonesian teacher does not matter will allowed their students to use a phone rather than or beside a laptop for surfing in ethernet looking for some lessons in google search engine. As we know most knowlegdes can be searched in ethernet now. 

And students can use their phone for helping their home work. It what I called a smart people using their phones!

Even some of us thoughts, no need doing to do the old typing style like what grandpa did, but until now typing text by a keyboard help you type more quick and more effective rather than typing by touch on screen. These typing methods are having more and less benefit for some people, but I do believe the best way to type and texting for make some long article is still with keyboard typo! But indeed you can dictate your santences by voice.
 use smartphones
There two external keyboard models are selling in the market: The bluetooth keyboard one or the wiring keyboard like PC's have. I suggest you to buy the wiring keyboards because of the price are more and more cheaper tha the bluetooth connection one.

How to use it? The bluetooth keyboard one can pairing easily to your phone but it is expensive at least you must have $200 for buy it. And I still feel doubt for it accuration for typing any paper work when the cheaper one is compared with it low quality. It why I suggest you to choose the wiring keyboard beside it you can buy this model with low bugdet: $5 in Batam Indonesia. It is so accurate for typing on your tablets or your android smartphones.

With keyboard you can train your fingers for typing, you can learn how to use ten fingers for quick typing. You can even close your eyes and continue typing for advance. Just do this by pateint and repeat your practice.

And many more phones benefit you can find, it can be a laptop alternative, it can be good camera, it can be your agency for some business, so what? It what I called a smart people using their phones!
This post has been reposted in Bahasa Indonesia with tittle: APAKAH KAMU TERMASUK JENIUS?

9 Responses to "5 SIGNS WHY YOU ARE GENIUS"

  1. Blog On the Go super sibuk tetap ngeblog

  2. oh.. yess..yesss... :)

    Maklum saya ngk bisa bahasa Inggris, jadi komentnya itu doang mas, Maafin yeee....hehehe.

  3. Kang Nata blogger hebat dan suka merendah

  4. The information provided in this blog is very helpful.For more information on the same topic please visit https://www.merrchant.com/daily/signs-of-genius/

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  6. wah artikelnya bertuliskan bahasa Inggris. Pemilik blognya berarti orang pandai nih

    saya termasuk orang yang tidak jenius mas, hanya biasa-biasa saja. Dan IQ juga pas-pasan saja

    Kurang paham apa yang dibicarakan, hanya kata terakhir yang menjadi panutan saya

    1. orang sederhana adalah justeru orang jenius, sekedar menjadi jenius itu tidak sulit, yang sulit itu menjadi bijak sekaligus jenius



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