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Most people will not choice this option, especially if they are imagine their entire of life will full with loneliness. Do not do what you think so. Nothing can cost your life with sadness, loneliness or even a happines, what are that all? Life just once, once you choose one, it will hard to move on.
This is not technically what you can choose. But some people have their own experience, for the time being if they have no choice, they must go on with it: Alone and just find out lesson to learn. But how to go with it.


If you are a man, and you used to be have a family, ex wife and children under her protection, you can not ignore that you have still many responsibilities. You must fund their life and yourself at once even life in separate town.

The problem is how to pay double cost of life wisely? The cost must pay entire you life, their life too.


Do you remember, past time your ex wife was cooking for all family member included you, your children and herself. It could reduce cost for food significantly. Shopping together almost same just to cost a single life with a little bit big account. Your wife will consider re-counted all credits you raised up from your salary. She always found a formula how to make it more economically. You just work for money, she will managed it very good for all cost. She always figure out.

This was happenend from our ancient, woman skill to manage the finance effectively help man continue his life safely.

Now is so different. You are alone, no more cooking and possible will not cooking for yourself, don't you? Well cooking some food for alone? It suppose to be waste. Some food will be aten, some will be waste. Remember your time mostly not at home, you are about wandering from town to street then to the cafe. Watch out your head. Just working and social life-including the worship are still remain for meanings.

  • FIRST, you must remember out there still few person need your money for cost their life and you must fund them.
  • SECOND, you shouldn't just  rely to your existing salary. You must remember children will grow up and their cost will increase year after years.
  • THIRD, You must look for new finance source income. If you have a challenge such as an author, let do it. Create your own website.
  • FOURTH, be wise with your money spending. Do not think because you are alone then the cost will be smaller.
A part time work will help your finance growth; but you must consider for saving money strictly. Strictly because you are just a man with lonely life.


Most Asian still consider a social life with a worship activities include. If married is a status, a single and an availlable man is a status too, why not. But it will need cost as well. But how about worship? Just go to Mosque, go to the Church, go to the temple? 

On recent a worship is not quiet appear in the human social, especially in an urban environment. But even we consider it just for a private, it still influence our entire life significantly. It is a social networking in the real life with a focus for morals.

In the two ways communication you may find so many input from some people suggest you re-marry again. But in one way communication to the God you free to pray your own goal. But you still need to achieve your own goals.

No matter when you go home no body will sitting beside. Open the player, just listening the music. Wacth Youtube, laugh for something funny. Does it normal? Yes it does, whenever something can happen in the life. If you think you need new challenge, just let go.

Enjoy your coffee maybe a stick of cigar too. If you remember that you must typing some new status in some social media, you just do it. But if you have an insipiration to write some long articles, for your own website, it what we call the productivity. 

Or maybe you need to texting friends, or a special one? Who knows? 
Just enjoy your freedom!


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